Student government spreads Valentine’s Day love

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Olivia Schornak

Michigan State’s student government ends the event with a group photo (left to right; Quintin Bell, Caitlin Finerty, Carl Austin Miller Grondin, Jordan Kovach, Georgia Frost, and Kyle Biel.)

Michigan State University’s student government braved the 25-degree weather on St. Valentine’s Day to offer the university’s students passing by some pink-themed gifts. With positive music blaring from their speaker and smiles adorning their faces, several of MSU’s government members stood by the infamous rock, ready to connect with as many faces as possible from 1 – 3 p.m. 

Students encountered a surprise at Michigan State University’s Rock on Valentine’s Day.

Caitlin Finerty, public relations manager and media coordinator to ASMSU, orchestrated the event. Passing out free Valentine’s-themed shirts, candy, and other little prizes with no competition-winning whatsoever. //Without a subject (the who), that is not a sentence.//

“It’s nice to have an event outside, especially with the sun peaking out for us,” said Finerty. “Plus, giving others things to wear with our logo spreads our message further. It’s the best feeling.”

Organization president, Georgia Frost, attended the small event between classes. Conversing with frozen students as they made their way past Farm Lane.

The soon-to-be graduate president and her group, table, or casually present their organization to the public via interactive events frequently throughout the year. “It’s the best way to make connections with our community of students and spread awareness,” said Frost, who also stands as Chief Executive Officer for ASMSU. “Even if they take the merchandise only because it’s free, they’ll go home and read it to know what we’re about.” 

Other officers attended. They include Vice President Jordan Kovach, General Assembly members Kyle Biel and Quintin Bell, and Junior Class President Carl Austin Miller Grondin. While many may shy away from standing in the frigid air for hours, these members approached it with confidence.

“We thought today was as good a day as any to spread the word about ASMSU,” said Grondin, representative of the College of Arts and Letters, “an even better day to spread love on a day all about it.”

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