Holt high school student honored for art work

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Kaitlyn Silengo is a senior at Holt High School who recently was celebrated for her artistic talents in an unconventional way.

Silengo was honored at the Holt High School board meeting March 14 for winning an art contest. Her art now hangs in the McDonald’s at 2400 N. Cedar St. in Holt. The contest was based around “What Michigan Means to Me, and was meant to help the McDonald’s owner get to know her new state.

Holt Superintendent David Hornak introduced Silengo to the School Board, and presented her with a certificate. Silengo answered questions about the contest and her plans.“What do you plan to do with the $1,000 you won? Any plans for school?” asked board President Mark Perry.

Silengo nodded and answered, “Yeah, I want to go to an art school in Michigan. This is what I want to do with my life.”

Silengo explained that she began by sketching what reminded her of Michigan, and put it all together. It took her multiple drafts to figure out what looked good together, and it took a while before she added color to her picture.

Led by Vice President Amy Dalton, the board congratulated Silengo.

“You’re really an inspiration. I hope younger kids who are interested in art see what you did and see that they can do what you did.”

Although Silengo is still in high school, she has big plans. In art school, she plans to focus on graphic design and animation. But she’ll always be grateful for the opportunity to showcase her art at home and possibly inspire others.

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