New refuge for foster dogs a step closer in Holt

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HOLT – On a unanimous vote, animals in Delta Township waiting to be fostered or adopted are one step closer to having a refuge. That place, proposed by the nonprofit Happy Feet Pet Rescue, would be 3276 E. Jolly Road. The plan was approved by the Holt-Delhi Planning Commission.

Requested location

Happy Feet Pet Rescue representative LuEllen Smith said, “We are not a shelter, but a temporary place for animals to stay while they’re getting cleared by the vet to go to people’s homes.”

Trustee Pat Brown questioned Smith about the availability of inside and outside space. Brown asked about the types of animals that were available for fostering and adopting, “I watch Lone Star Law. There’s always someone who takes in animals you wouldn’t think of, and it’s appreciated that you guys do this. By any chance, do you guys take in chipmunks or raccoons? What’s the weirdest animal you’ve had?”

Smith answered with a laugh. “No, only domestic animals. Just dogs and cats. But we did have a guinea pig one time.”

Each of the commissioners voted “yes” on the approval of the land to be used for the animal fostering location. This will make it easier for animals to be fostered or adopted, and will reduce the number of animals ending up in kill shelters or not being cared for.

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