New boba tea shop in Lansing: Feng Cha MSU

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Tho Phan, owner of Feng Cha in the brand new store

Calling all boba tea lovers! There is a new hot spot in town. Feng Cha MSU at 3214 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing, will have a soft opening on Wednesday, March 23. The products you can find here include boba tea, regular tea, cheese foam, dirty boba, coffee, fruit drinks and slushies. 

Owner Tho Phan said he opened this store because he likes boba tea and wanted to bring his very own store to Lansing , as it is so close to his home.

“I was searching for a long time for the right spot,” said Phan, “and this place eventually popped up and I liked it because it is brand new with a good space.”

Cami Anderson

Feng Cha MSU can be found at 3214 E. Michigan Ave., Lansing.

The store is at University Edge Student Living apartments by campus. MSU sophomore and University Edge resident Lauren Haddad said she is excited that a boba tea shop is opening right in her building.

“Boba tea has always been my go-to drink,” said Haddad, “and that is why I am so happy Feng Cha is opening because all I have to do is walk downstairs from my apartment to get my favorite drink.”

The soft opening is to train staff members and get them ready for the grand opening in three to four weeks. Phan said the soft opening is the time to test the employees and get over any mistakes that could be made.

“The soft opening will definitely be a trial-and-error process,” Phan said. “This will help us have a smooth grand opening, which is when we do promotions and discounts, such as 40% off on all of our products.”

Feng Cha MSU employee Reilly Ford said she has had about three training sessions and is ready to give it her all when the store officially opens. 

“The job seems pretty simple and easy,” said Ford, an MSU junior, “Tho helps us through it, but it’s mostly just following instructions on making all kinds of teas and what to do for morning shifts.”

Show this new spot some love! You can check out the full menu and any additional information about Feng Cha MSU on its Facebook page:

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