Artist tries to get Mason to warm up to ice sculptures

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With winter nearing an end, Mason residents want to see the return of an old idea: an ice sculpture festival. 

Scott Miller

The ice sculpture Scott Miller made for Halloween at Pi Kappa Alpha in 2019.

Twelve to 15 years ago, Mason used to hold an ice sculpture festival. Some Mason residents said it was similar to the Lansing festival and even had the same ice sculptor, Scott Miller. 

Miller stopped the ice sculptures for Mason because businesses lost interest. However, Miller said, “If they are interested, so are we” 

Recently, Lyle Johnson made a Facebook post asking if the residents of Mason would enjoy an ice sculpture festival downtown. Johnson received 28 likes and 9 comments from  people showing their support for the idea.

Mason resident Melissa Stone wrote, “I think it would be great to bring the community together with something like that. We can all enjoy it and make it a regular tradition!”

Madison Norfleet

The post Johnson made in the Mason Michigan community facebook group.

Johnson is a Mason native who thought Mason was the perfect sized town for an ice sculpture festival. Johnson said his plan, “If done right, it could even be a small-scale art prize like in Grand Rapids. There’s a lot of talent out there.”

Miller said he would love to discuss ideas on the project and his estimate would be for one sculpture it would be $500, and for a couple it would be $400 each.

If Mason residents want an ice sculpture festival they should contact Scott Miller through  his website.

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