This Mason farmer’s market is as local as you can get

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Madison Norfleet

Customers can purchase products ranging from home-made crafts to fresh meat to honey.

You look at your grocery list and see bread, milk, and soap. For most people they may just go to Kroger or Target. For the city of Mason they have an even better grocery store: The LFA Farmer’s Market. 

Dan Kostecke owns the LFA Farmer’s Market. He started the business after he and his wife struggled to sell the products of their farm in the winter. He wanted to help other local vendors like himself sell their products even during the tough months.

Unlike other farmers markets, the LFA Farmer’s Market is a normal store that features local products. Outside the front door, a sign in the window states that 39% of the products are from the Mason area and 100% of the products are from Michigan. Kostecke talked about the wide variety of his vendors.

 “Our vendor numbers fluctuate depending on if the vendor’s products are in season.We have about 70 vendors at a time.” The products range from soaps to breads to furniture. 

Frequent customer Molly Cunningham said, “I initially decided to shop at LFA because Rachel and Dan have been good friends of mine for years, and I wanted to support their business. Once I shopped there and tried the pesto, I had to keep coming back. I have purchased several things there now, and I have been impressed with all of them.”

Everyone interviewed was adamant that shopping locally is important. Cunningham said, “I think that it’s important to shop local because when you shop local you are giving back to a community that you value.”

The LFA Farmer’s Market posts regular updates about new vendors and products featured in the store on its Facebook page

The LFA Farmer’s Market is at 103 E. Maple St., Mason, MI 48854 across from the courthouse. It is  open 11 a.m. to  6 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday and 11 a.m. to  5 p.m. on Sunday. 

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