Roses are red, violets are blue, Tammy has the flower for you

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Large bouquet of yellow and green flowers
One of the many arrangements that Mason Floral offers.

From dancer to dance teacher to flower shop owner, Mason Floral owner Tammy Weber always knew she had a skill for the arts. With the only floral shop in Mason, Michigan, she feels responsible for meeting the floral needs of the Mason community. 

Weber was involved in dance and gymnastics throughout her childhood. The passion continued into her adult life when she went to Lansing Community College, taking dance classes along the way. 

Further down the road, Weber had her daughter and enrolled her into Fusion Dance Center in Lansing, Michigan. This dance studio was where Weber could finally put those dance classes to great use. 

“I really hit it off with the owner [Theresa Pitman] and she was great with my oldest daughter,” said Weber. “I started assisting and helping out with them. Then, I started teaching my own class. I started with a gymnastics program within their tumbling program.”

After getting let go from her second job, Weber found herself working for Pitman, who also owned Mason Floral at the time. Soon after that, Weber became the owner of the floral shop and became the town’s number one source for all things floral. 

The busiest time of year for Mason Floral? Typically, Valentine’s Day. This year, not so much. 

“It was a very weird year,” Weber said. “Usually, people send flowers to work. But, there’s so many people working from home. We didn’t really do many deliveries. Typically, we deliver to big corporations but most of them are still working from home, too.” 

Up next on the holiday roster is Easter, which will be April 17. Weber expects Easter lilies, palms for Palm Sunday, and daffodils to be hot commodities this spring. 

The biggest payoff of owning a business, besides creating a customizable work schedule, is connecting with the people that buy your product and provide support along the way. 

“I love being a part of Mason’s small community,” said Weber. “I get to know my customers a lot and people come in and chat. Because we’re such a small town, I’m able to leave notes on my door saying ‘I’ll be gone for a few hours’ with my phone number. I’ll get Facebook messages, too!”

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