Positives of the pandemic: we’re prepped and ready to work online

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Curving path through snow on campus.

Owen Oszust

Unshoveled path on MSU’s North Campus on Thursday evening.

The snow continued to pile up Wednesday morning in East Lansing, leading to uncertainty for both students and faculty on how they would continue their work or school.

There haven’t been very many positives to the pandemic, but it has allowed a majority of the East Lansing community to stay on track and not fall behind. Marina Scott is an executive staff assistant with MSU’s government relations office, one of many workers who worked fro home Wednesday. “We can just move a lot of our meetings over Zoom and stay up to date,” said Scott. “One of the positives of the Covid situation is that it has made people a lot more prepared and versatile.”

When the pandemic began, it took a while for some people to get acclimated to Zoom calls. Now it opens up the ability to schedule more meetings in less time and do other things, as well. “Zoom is nice to have the flexibility for example, a doctor’s appointment and then you have a meeting,” said Suchitra Webster, director of Student and Community Relations at MSU. 

Most remote classes and work schedules for Wednesday and Thursday, cutting down on the chances of drivers getting into crashes.

Workers who did have to go into work had an opportunity to get caught up. That was the case for Aubrey Hoermann, service manager at the MSU Bike Service Center. “It allowed me to get caught on any tasks that I usually can’t get completed because of customers coming in,” said Hoermann.

“That’s one of the pluses of the pandemic and forces everyone to adapt to these technologies, and when we have a day like today it allows us to be flexible,” said Webster.

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