Furry, four-legged friends love snow frolic as much as we do

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Woman and dog play in snow.

Jennifer Barber

Kaye Hubbard enjoys more than a foot of snow with Koda.

Woman and dog play in snow.

Jennifer Barber

MSU senior Kaye Hubbard plays in the courtyard with Koda.

Dog owners are bracing cold temperatures in the courtyard of the Skyvue apartments to give their dogs time to play in the snow.

Following the winter’s biggest snowstorm so far, snow piled high is the perfect place for dogs to enjoy the snow. The dog-friendly apartment courtyard features seating areas and free doggie bags. Many owners come to let their dogs run and play in the open area.

Wayne State student Madison Hubbard was visiting her sister Friday morning after taking her dog Willow to the nearby vet clinic for a consult about her spay appointment. Madison’s sister and Michigan State senior, Kaye Hubbard, brought out her dog, Koda, to play in the courtyard with Willow.

“She loves it,” Madison Hubbard said. “She hasn’t been here in the summer yet because she’s only eight months, but I’m sure we’ll be up in the summer.”

The dogs love the snow, however, they cannot be out in the cold for too long. Madison Hubbard said Willow loves the smell of the snow, but her paws get cold quickly. “We try to limit them in the snow of course because of their paws,” Madison Hubbard said.

“We have to watch it a little bit,” said Kaye Hubbard’s boyfriend and Michigan State senior Robbie Hermes. With Kida, “there’s been no instances of her being in pain, so I kind of just go off of feel.”

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