A new non-binary gym facility could bring a sense of comfort to campus

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EAST LANSING – There are three main gym facilities on campus; IM West, IM Circle, and IM east. With the help of The Associated Students of Michigan State University (ASMSU), the new facility will be for the LGBTQ+ community, women, and people who identify as nonbinary. 

“We want everyone to feel comfortable coming in and participating because the key is developing healthy lifestyles,” said Joel Eddy, the Michigan State Associate Director of Recreational Sports. 

Construction could start soon on the new facility, exciting some Spartans and disappointing others. 

“Them saying we’re going to have a whole separate gym, I don’t think they’re actually going to provide the equipment necessary for that, unless that’s a very specific clause,” said Isabelle Borr, general member of the MSU Powerlifting Club. 

The university is in the beginning stages of facility development. With the hope of ASMSU, student input will be necessary for the infrastructure. 

“It’s very very important that this project does have student input, because the facility is going to be built for students,” said Joel Eddy. 

Students with active memberships at the IM facilities have received surveys through their email. These surveys are to better understand the culture and environment within the gym facilities. 

Students at Michigan State haven’t always felt safe or comfortable in the IM facilities. Some people could leave with a bigger weight on their shoulders, than what they lifted in the gym. It’s the hope that this new facility will not only build strong bodies, but strong minds as well. 

“I’m hoping this space will kind of start a shift and allow us to fill up this space and be seen,” said Madison Whitaker, Vice President of Black Girl Fitness. 

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