Voters cast ballots in races for Lansing mayor, city council

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A "vote here today" sign outside a polling place in Lansing

Jordan Morgan

Nov. 2 marks Election Day for the city of Lansing. Voters will elect the city's next mayor as well as several members of City Council.

Lansing voters headed to the polls today to elect the city’s mayor and several members of the City Council.

Incumbent Mayor Andy Schor faces a challenge from council member Kathie Dunbar, while four candidates vie for two citywide council seats and two sets of candidates compete to represent the 4th Ward and 2nd Ward on the council. Lansing City Clerk Chris Swope is running unopposed.

Incumbent Brian Jackson is running against Elvin Caldwell to represent the 4th Ward on the city’s north side. In southeast Lansing, Oprah Revish is challenging incumbent Jeremy Garza to represent the 2nd Ward.

Council President Peter Spadafore faces Jeffrey Brown, Claretta Duckett-Freeman and Rachel Willis in the race for two at-large council seats.

Polls close at 8 p.m.

Off-year elections like this one, that feature only local races, often see less voter turnout compared to elections with a gubernatorial or presidential race, Swope said.

Swope said the clerk’s office hopes to at least see 20% voter turnout between in-person and absentee voters. He said the clerk’s office hopes to see at least 4,000 to 5,000 voters at the polls and he hopes to see the majority of absentee ballots returned.

Lansing resident Erica Lynn said she voted for Dunbar to help the city bounce back after what she believes has been a tumultuous four years.

“It’s time for a change,” Lynn said. “Our current administration has done some damage to the community.”

Voter Cathy Scott said she was motivated to vote to address issues of disorganization and diversity she sees within city government.

“I’m interested in making sure we have diversity on the city council,” Scott said. “It seems like this city has been popping up here and there. It hasn’t been as organized as it could have been, so I was looking for people who can really get a handle on it.”

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