Students from Detroit react to the mandatory order for receiving a COVID-19 vaccine for fall

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Universities are requiring that all students and faculty receive the COVID-19 vaccine before returning for fall semester days after the CDC updated the masks guidelines. Antonio Ward explains why he has disdain for this order. 

Picture of vaccination information at CVS taken by Serenity Smith

“I feel like requiring students to take the vaccine is ridiculous,” said University Of Michigan undergraduate student Antonio Ward Jr., 20, from Detroit. “There was never a time until now where vaccines are being required upon individuals which ultimately strips away their natural born and constitutional right.” 

Ward said that although he understands that these institutions are trying to ensure the safety of all students and faculty members, he feels as though people have still gotten the virus even with the vaccine so mandating the order isn’t necessarily the way to go.

Antonio Ward Jr. said he feels like “requiring students to take the vaccine is ridiculous.” Photo courtesy of Antonio Ward Jr.

 “You must still follow the guidelines; you can be safe, wear a mask, and social distance without receiving the vaccine,” Ward said. 

Monet Heath tells why she’s playing devils advocate when it comes to the mandate for the vaccine this fall.

“I wasn’t going to receive the vaccine until I came down with COVID,” said Heath, Howard University undergraduate student, 19, from Detroit. “It’s a requirement for a lot of Michigan schools and HBCU students so I feel like I would’ve had to get it eventually anyway.” 

Heath said that no one in her household has received the vaccine yet which ultimately led her to not get vaccinated. 

Jamul MacNear said  that he feels the new updates from universities are more than fair.

 “I believe that colleges do have the right to mandate the vaccine in order to be on campus because it’s not a foreign thing is new to college students,” MacNear said, Howard University undergraduate student, 20, from Detroit. 

“Prior to Covid, at my school there were required vaccines that I had to take to be able to live on campus and take classes,” MacNear said.

MacNear concludes that although he understands where the universities are coming from, he also feels for the students who feel that they don’t have a choice but to get the vaccine. 

“At this point in the pandemic where cases are beginning to rise again and where cases are beginning to rise because of the new variant of COVID-19, I believe that the requirement is fair in order to best benefit everyone’s safety. It is still a tricky situation however because people should have the right to choose whether or not they want to take the vaccine.”

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