The Pandemic Adoption Boom

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It’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit Michigan. Since then, there has been many new rules that have been enforced to contain its spread and prevent Michiganders from sickness or even death.

In the early months, businesses were deemed essential or not. This meant that certain employees were needed come to work to keep the country and the state afloat. These were mostly grocery stores and hospitals which provided people with nessacary goods and services.

Animal shelters and humane societies were also considered essential.

Penny Myers, the Capital Area Humane Society’s director of community relations, said that they were essential because they still had living things to take care of.

After given the title of essential, Myers and the rest of the staff had to figure out a way to keep everyone safe while helping pets find a new home.

“We had to think, what can we do? Our pets need to be adopted, and people are wanting to adopt right now ‘cause it’s the perfect time,” said Myers.

That perfect time has lead to the pet adoption boom, causing dogs, cats and all other kinds of pets to find homes faster than ever. As of now, CAHS has over a 97% success rate of animals being placed in 2021.