Nutrition bar relies on carryout orders during pandemic

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An employee works beyond the counter preparing a beverage at Central Lansing Nutrition.

Kyle Hatty

Central Lansing Nutrition, which opened in July 2019, has been relying largely on carryout orders since health restrictions limited in-person dining.

Central Lansing Nutrition has been staying afloat thanks to the carryout orders after regulations were set in place due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Considering the fact that we got to do carryout has been huge,” said Brianna Lightfoot, the owner of Central Lansing Nutrition, 750 N. Cedar St. in Lansing “It’s a quick, easy and healthy option, which has been an advantage for us.”

Central Lansing Nutrition opened on July 19, 2019. When the pandemic hit, businesses had to find a way to get around the restrictions to remain open and provide a service to customers.

“The business was able to stay open during quarantine, which is a really good sign,” said Chloe Hertzer, an employee at Central Lansing Nutrition. “Business is definitely picking up a lot now.”

However, the pandemic did have negative impacts besides slowing down business.

“One impact of COVID directly is the website we order from,” Hertzer said. “We’ve been backed up on products, which is hard on our customers because they expect us to have the things on our menu.”

Hertzer said having to tell people the store is out of things upsets her.

“People come in for B12 specifically for their workouts and to start their day,” Hertzer said. “It’s more disappointing for me because I don’t want to disappoint the customers.”

Central Lansing Nutrition has remained open for retail and carryout despite restrictions and customers not being able to sit down inside the nutrition bar. 

Hertzer said she and her staff have continued to try to build relationships with customers.

“The staff here is really nice and I like the shakes,” said Rose Chehrazi, an MSU student who stopped in the shop. “It makes me feel less guilty about eating something sweet.”

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