New marijuana dispensary opens in North Lansing

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A new marijuana dispensary has opened on the city’s north side to service medical and recreational customers. 

Bazonzoes Provisioning Center at 2101 W. Willow St. opened for business on Sept. 10. This is the company’s first location in Lansing. Bazonzoes has been around since 2010, beginning with a facility in Walled Lake that closed in 2015, Bazonzoes manager Erin McCann-Sabo said. 

Customers 21 and up, are able to walk in or order products online for pickup and delivery and can also receive a consultation about cannabis products. McCann-Sabo said it is the only cannabis company in the state to have a consultation room and the dispensary is partnering with Intessa, a medical marijuana clinic, to help people to sign up for a medical card and coach them on use.

“You check in either as a medical patient or a recreational patient and we have specific budtenders that are assigned to the recreational, adult-use room and budtenders assigned to the medical side,” she said.

McCann said most customers are between ages 35 and 55 and some are veterans who have post-traumatic stress disorder.

“On the medical side we really are trying to help people who have pre-existing medical conditions deal with their pain,” she said. A lot of people who used to be addicted to opioids come in — marijuana is helping them get off of their opioid addiction.”

Dylan Dillinger is a budtender — someone who serves legal marijuana in the establishment — at Bazonzoes.

“I think that’s really exciting to see that it is making a positive impact in people’s lives across generations, across cultures and it’s really something that heals people,” Dylan said. 

Bazonzoes provides a range of cannabis products. Top products include Zilla’s gummies and Urban Roots tincture, assistant manager William Morris said. 

“They are all going to be produced by various different production companies throughout the state of Michigan,” William said. “Everything is going to be licensed through Michigan.”

Morris said the company is planning another Bazonzoes location on the south side of Lansing and in Walled Lake, but did not have an opening date to share.

“So far everyone’s been great,” Morris said. “Everyone in Lansing has been really welcoming to us.”

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