Crunch Fitness trying to keep members safe amid rising COVID-19 cases

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Crunch Fitness members heading into the gym. Crunch Fitness was allowed to reopen its doors on Sept. 9, 2020.

With coronavirus cases in Michigan increasing, a personal trainer at Crunch Fitness of East Lansing said it is making sure that proper measures are being taken to slow the spread. 

Macy Bittner, one of the newest additions to the Crunch Fitness personal trainer team said, “I think that we are doing the most that we can and being safe in the gym especially with the 25% capacity rule,” Bittner said. “It’s really hard to come into close contact with other people in the gym because our facility is so large.”

On Sept. 9, the 30,000 square-foot Crunch Fitness of East Lansing was allowed to reopen to the public. But as coronavirus cases accelerate, gyms must make sure that adequate steps are being implemented. 

“Everyone is required to wipe down their equipment before and after each use. We have plenty of disinfecting bottles all around our gym. There’s also a big machine full of disinfecting spray that the managers go around and spray every single day, multiple times per day,” Bittner said.

Because the gym reduced the capacity to 25%, Bittner said it’s important that members do their part. 

“Especially by the time January comes around and gyms are even more busy, I think it’s going to be really important that we still wear our masks and stuff like that,” she said. 

Member Mousa Abdullah said the gym makes sure people sign a paper that says you’re going to wear your mask at all times while you’re working out.

“I’d say every 10 to 15 minutes there is a member walking around monitoring if everyone is wearing their mask,” Abdullah said. “And if you don’t, they make it clear to you that you have to wear a mask.” 

During Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s coronavirus update on Oct. 21, she said the state has reached a dangerous moment,” but did not mention any further restrictions. 

“We are sounding the alarm bells right now,” Whitmer said. 

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