Remote working affecting businesses

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“There has been a lot more deliveries due to the coronavirus.” said Jordan Gagala. Gagala is a delivery driver for Panera Bread and has felt the impact of COVID-19.

She said there have been a lot of bigger orders with much more food, and loaves of bread have been selling at an increased rate. Panera has also dropped the need to sign for food being delivered to stop the spread. Gagala said the store is closed for any on- site eating but the drive-through, rapid pickup stations and delivery services are still open.

         Chris Brown is a product application engineer for ZF and has had to transition his work to his house due to the outbreak. Brown said he has been ordering less delivery since working from home but not by much. Brown said, “I would certainly say having food prepared and delivered by others worries me. Buying my own food from a store and preparing myself gives me more peace of mind. The less people that handle my food the better.”

         Although Brown has limited his delivery habits, he has attempted alternative methods when it comes to grocery shopping. Brown said he and his wife have taken advantage of Kroger’s ClickList option.

         Serena Erjona is a store manager at Kroger and said ClickList is an option for patrons to order at home and have all their groceries ready for pickup. Erjona said the store has been super busy since the outbreak and there is a constant shortage of products due to the high command. ClickList orders have also increased due to people wanting to follow social distancing rules. Kroger has reduced its hours to have a heavier cleaning and restocking presence at night.

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