VP Pence hosts rally in Holland

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Downtown Holland, Michigan got a big visit from Vice President Mike Pence and former White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on their Keep America Great bus tour.

“Lots of people, all very excited today,” said Vice Chair of Michigan Federation of College Republicans Evan Oudekerk. “We’re looking forward to whatever he has to say.”

Holland resident Anne Vanderziel had seen President Trump before and was excited to see the Vice President and former Press Secretary in person.

“I came because I believe what Trump and Pence stands for,” said Vanderziel. “I think it’s deep down what the republican party stands for, but they’re not able to verbalize it most of the time.”

Not everyone in the west Michigan town was a fan of the Vice President’s visit. Several protesters stood outside the building the Vice President was speaking in.

“I can’t stand Trump and I can’t stand Pence,” said protester Diane Payne. “I find that they’re hypocrites and they’re doing terrible things to people.”

After the rally, Vanderziel was excited to share what the Vice President had to say.

“The big thing is freedom he said where Christ is there is freedom so we don’t want to get rid of God in our country,” said Vanderziel. “I always love listening to Pence.”

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