Child Health Chart

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 MichiganMinnesotaN. CarolinaNational
Safe Drinking Water% of public water utilities that had drinking water violations25%4%27%34%
Air QualityMichigan: children under age 18 that live in counties with unhealthy ozone pollutionMinnesota/N.Carolina: children under age 18 that live in counties that do not monitor ozone pollution1.5 million629,216257,248n/a
Warming TemperaturesDegrees F warmer than 19702.7 degrees F2.7 degrees F2.1 degrees F2.5 degrees F
Toxic Chemical ReleasesPounds of toxic chemicals disposed of or released92.7 million23 million52.1 million3.9 billion
ADHD/ADD% of children age 3-17 that have ADHD or ADD10.2%8.5%10.5%3.8%
Autism Spectrum Disorder% of children age 3-17 that have Autism Spectrum Disorder2.8%3.5%1.7%2.8%
Asthma% of children under age 18 that have asthma8.3%6.8%7.8%7.5%
Pediatric CancerCases of pediatric cancer per 1 million population184.8185.7172.8181.0
Blood Lead Levels% of tested children under age 6 with elevated blood lead levels1.7%0.6%0.7%3.0%

A comparison of environmental health indicators in Michigan, Minnesota and North Carolina based on the 2019 Children’s Environmental Health Network reports.

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