DeWitt continues improving recycling and safety

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DEWITT, MICH. – The sky is falling! Oh wait, it is just the leaves.

Autumn leaves are flooding the city streets, and DeWitt’s weekly leaf pick-up is a convenient way for residents to clean up their yards. 

“Streets are full of leaves, nice and messy out there,” city administrator Daniel Coss said. “So far we’ve collected about 104 cubic yards.”

 During most of October and November, the city leaf vacuum sweeps designated areas of DeWitt each week and collects leaves that residents move to the side of the street. The weekly schedule can be found here. Bagged leaves are not collected.

Granger Waste Services is in charge of DeWitt’s trash collection and recycling. In addition to Granger’s trash carts, the company also offers and encourages recycling bins.

 Charles Hauser, community relations coordinator at Granger Services, attended a city council meeting on Oct. 28 to present DeWitt’s annual report.

“Citizens in the city of DeWitt have improved their recycling,” Hauser said.

According to Granger’s annual report, 1,758 residents use Granger Services and of that number, 95% recycle. Also, the number of those recycling has increased by 63 households since October 2018.

“You want to see 100%, but 95% is good,” Hauser said. “We appreciate the city of DeWitt, it’s been a great relationship.”

Mayor Sue Leeming, who earned a Bachelor of Science from Michigan State University, said she uses her background and knowledge in environmental protection and water quality to guide DeWitt in the right direction. 

“People who live here are very environmentally astute,” Leeming said.

Leeming said that the city cleans out the Looking Glass River twice a year. This enables residents to enjoy outdoor activities such as kayaking. She also said that one of DeWitt’s goals is to be a “walkable community.” She said she wants to increase the number of bike and walking routes in the city. The city almost has the funding to create safe routes to school for children. 

With safety being DeWitt’s main priority, Mayor Pro-Tem Dave Hunsaker said he was pleased to announce that three new firefighters have joined the DeWitt fire department. 

“That is always good news for us,” Hunsaker said. “We always need folks who are willing to participate.”

The DeWitt Council Board gathered on Oct. 28 to discuss current and future issues and events.

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