Williamston’s SAT Scores beat expectations

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SAT scores at Williamston High School are higher than previous expectations said Dr. Michele Cook, Williamston Community Schools’ director of curriculum and special education. 

The board was presented the news at the district’s board meeting at Willimston Middle School on Oct. 7.

Eli Atzenhoffer

Williamston board members hold discussions at Oct. 7 board meeting

Dr. Cook reported to  the Williamston Board of Education that the average SAT for a Williamston high schooler for the 2018-2019 school year was 1058. This school year’s average SAT score is 1081.

Participants taking the SAT receive a score for each of the two sections. One section is reading and writing and the other is a math section. The College Board, which governs the SAT reports that national average composite SAT score for the class of 2018 was a 1068.

The report of high SAT scores gave Superintendent Adam Spina something to be proud of.

“A 19-point increase in mathematics and a four-point increase in ERW are notable accomplishments,” he said.

Continuing SAT Success

Williamston High School ranks 68 out of 729 public schools in the state of Michigan according to the Michigan Board of Education ranking system. The rankings also made Williamston the highest ranked school district in the Ingham County.

Despite the success, the district doesn’t want to stop its momentum of positive results.

“The challenge with positive results, of course, is to maintain or improve upon them,” Spina said.

The district is using many different strategies to evolve and continue to help students succeed on the test.

“We are utilizing a variety of analytical tools as well as a mathematics consultants to assist our teachers with improving their practice,” he said.

All in all, Dr. Cook wants the district to take pride in the success of Williamston students taking the SAT.

“Our students score way above our state and country percentages,” she said. “The state has been flat when we’ve been up.”

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