Meridian Township dog owners celebrate first annual “howl”oween

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Local residents that share a passion for their pooches came together at Nancy Moore Park with their dogs in costumes to celebrate the First Annual Dog “Howl”oween Party on Tuesday, Oct.29. The event was held at the small dog park located within the park, which was built this summer.

 Owners and dogs were treated to a costume contest, giveaways and a remixed of musical chairs where the last dog that sat on command was ruled out. Treats were also given out to both dogs and humans. 

Kelsey Dillon, Park Naturalist and one of the organizers of the event, said that since it was their first year doing the event, it was a big learning experience.

 “It was a lot of effort upfront,” Dillon said. “Now that we know the formula, we know what games to put together, we have our signage ready I think it’s going to be an easy thing to put together every year.”

 Mark Stephens, a member of the Meridian Township Park Commission, said that this is the first small dog park in the area and events like these are important for the community.

“Some of these people are all meeting each other for the first time,” Stephens said. “That’s what it’s all about. That’s what brings the community together.”

Jim Phylo, a retiree who attended the event, said that he goes to the park six to seven times a week and enjoys events such as this one. 

“I’ve met a lot of new people,” Phylo said. “It gets a lot of people out of the house, especially for an older person like me.”

Dozens of people were in attendance in the inaugural year of the event. Dillon said the “Howl”oween Party is all about bringing people together. 

 “By posting these events we can promote our dog park even more and promote everyone connecting with each other,” Dillon said. “We just think it’s a really great thing.”

The Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Department also announced it will be opening the Large Dog Park in June of 2020. 

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