Dog park opens at Carriage Hill Apartments

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Ahura Lofton’s dogs are playing on the grassland at Carriage Hill Apartments in Meridian Township. The “girl” is smelling her brother which is lying on the grassland. Photo courtesy of Ahura Lofton.

It was a sunny October weekday, and Ahura Lofton’s two dogs were playing together with her, and the little “boy” dog was lying there when his older “sister” is smelling him at the new dog park at Carriage Hill Apartments in Meridian Township.

The location of the dog park is on the southeast side of the apartment complex. 

The new dog park that is surrounding a big tree just constructed and not officially open to the public yet. Photo by Xiaoqian Dong.

The dog park will officially open soon. The apartment complex office said that it is still doing some final work on the park. It will publish the notification once the construction completed, and it is open to the public. Right now, only residents can use it.

“I’m so excited about this dog park! ” said Kristen Guel, a multi-site property manager. “Most of our residents who are living in our community with puppy highly satisfied with this dog park construction.”

“People nowadays are highly pressured from their works and studies; most of them in our community are keeping pets that will mostly help them to release their pressure with them,” Guel said.

She said that their residents had no place to go if they want to play with their dogs. 

The dog park’s construction is part of community planning that will provide higher quality service and a convenient place for their residents to go if they want to play with their dogs and being more relaxed.

“I’m so happy to hear that dog park almost finished in the next few days,” said Ahura Lofton, a resident in Carriage Hill Apartments with two dogs. “I already noticed that we have a dog park in our community, and it almost has done.”

Lofton said she will never have to worry about her dogs’ safety anymore when they are playing ball together.

“Because these rails constructed for dogs, they cannot have any more ideas to run away on the road that mostly avoid the accidents,” said Lofton.

This is Yihan’s dog, which called “Wansui”. In this picture, Wansui is standing on the grassland waiting for her mom Yihan to play with it. Photo courtesy of Yihan Chen.

“I liked this dog park,” said Yihan Chen, a five-year resident in Carriage Hill Apartments with a dog. “I can see the construction process of the dog park because the location of the dog park is so close to my apartment.”

“It makes me so happy to know that dog park almost finished since I was already waiting for a very long time,” said Chen.

She said she believes that the dog park will attract most people who are living close to their community to bring their dogs here and play together with her dogs. She said that the dog park would be the right place for her dog to make some new friends.

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