Taco Tuesday in Williamston?

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Elise Palazzolo, a Dollar Store clerk in Downtown Williamston on Grand River, said she would like to see more bakeries in the city.

Downtown Williamston, with a view of the Sun Theater during the evening.


Williamston locals deliberate about what is missing in Downtown Williamston.

From Sunny Side Up Café to the Sun Theater and D&W Fresh Market, city officials brainstorm about what other businesses might be missing in downtown Williamston, Michigan.

“If Downtown Williamston is missing something, it is a Mexican restaurant; that would be at the top of my list,” said City Manager Corey Schmidt.

Eighteen restaurants, with a range of fast food, tavern food to Asian food are located in downtown. A small city, that according to locals, is not missing much at all.

Named a Historic Downtown, Williamston is all about a stroll around Grand River Ave to enjoy some shopping, delicious eating, and entertainment. Locals shared their opinions, that a Mexican restaurant would be a great addition but so would other things like a bike shop, a bakery, and a library.

“No, well a Mexican restaurant would be good,” said Jason Davis, a Williamston resident, “but a bike shop would be better. There are definitely more important things that we need more than a Mexican Restaurant.”

Downtown Williamston is the prime spot especially in the summer, mentioned by locals. According to Williamston’s Dollar Store clerk, Elise Palazzolo, she would prefer a more serene addition to the downtown area.

“You know, we previously had two bakeries and a library.” Palazzolo said, “They were great, to spend your Friday night studying or getting your morning coffee and a pastry from the bakery.”

Real Estate Cost in Williamston, Make It Tough To Open A New Business.

Commercial real estate in the Downtown Williamston area is scarce and pricey, averaging in the one hundred and fifty thousand to two hundred thousand according to LoopNet. The small population also does not help to get the sales in for the day that may result in unsuccessful revenue. Leading into foreclosure over time.

Williamston millennial Kloe Bisard and barista at the Starbucks inside the Williamston D&W Fresh Market. Bisard said, “If a bakery were to be reestablished it would do great or even another fast food joint. Having either suggestion would give the locals the opportunity to have more activities around town, that would eventually “better their city economy.”

“I love Mexican food, and it would be nice to have one,” Said Bisard.“I agree on a Mexican restaurant but another would be nice too, like Thai food or a bakery. Definitely a bakery.”


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