Leaving a mark with artwork

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After starting to study psychology when he got to MSU, DeMarco Jackson realized art was his calling.

“My mom always used to tell me how my dad was into art,” Jackson said. “He was never in my life, so I just felt like that was my way of kind of connecting with him even though he wasn’t around.” 

While he’s trying to connect with his father, he began his connection with campus through his business, DeMarco’s Mark.

DeMarco’s Mark is literally just about me making my mark before I leave here at Michigan State and I really just want people to know my name,” Jackson said. “I just want the acknowledgment I’ve always deserved.” 

In just a year, DeMarco’s Mark has blossomed into something he’d never imagined.

“It’s really a blessing to see myself grow,” Jackson said. “It’s a dream come true.” 

A dream that still seems unreal when we delivers their artwork. 

“Their smiles just blow up,” Jackson said. “It’s a different feeling because they are actually happy for something I have created.” 

Jackson has been satisfying his customers but, he wants them to know his true self through his cartoon style.

“I really feel like I have a different message to deliver,” Jackson said. “I just gotta wait until my heart is ready to release it” 

Until then, he’ll keep giving the people what they want. 

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