Meridian Township children head to the polls too

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Okemos Public Schools was closed due to Tuesday’s midterm election, but many Meridian Township parents still found themselves on school grounds. A total of 18 children came along with their parents as they cast their votes around noon at Murphy Elementary School.

Stacy Liddick brought 9-year-old Alison and 10-year-old Nicholas Liddick with her to the polls Tuesday in Meridian Township.

Stacy Liddick brought her children Nicholas and Allison.

“We have to make decisions as people who want change,” 9-year-old Alison said.

“They need to know that in order to see change, voices need to be heard,” said Liddick. “And they know how important this is for our state and country.”

Liddick was not the only mother who wants her children to have politically awareness. Mothers even had their babies on their hips while voting. Amanda LaVoie carrying her infant said, “No vote, no voice.”

“Mothers have their children here because they want them to know this process early on. The future depends on them,” said LaVoie. “Personally I came a little before noon because I have my son and during lunch the polls get very busy. He ended up doing well though and he didn’t give me any problems as I voted.

Grandparents like Dawn Thompson also arrived with children in tow. Thompson picked up her grandchildren, cousins ages 8 and 4, to come along with her to vote. Thompson’s grandchildren attend Okemos schools.

“When we get into the car we will reflect on the importance of voting, and I want them to understand that it may be difficult for them to vote in the future the way that this country is heading,” said Thompson.

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