Alumni from Lansing high schools come together

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An effort by alumni of two Lansing high schools is earning praise from local officials.

The Everett and Sexton Alumni Association, an association of alumni from rival Lansing high schools, works on various community projects. The group was recognized on Sept. 24 for its work by Lansing’s city council.

Members say rivalry between J.W. Sexton High School and Everett High School runs deep, but pride for Lansing is more important for the alumni association. Everett alumnus Justin Christian, a member of the association who works for the Lansing School District, said he is happy to hold events to raise money for the athletic departments of both schools. He said he looks forward to all the good that can come from the association.

Council members recognized the group for its work to support city youth.

“The four gentlemen behind this association were all raised in the city of Lansing,” Lansing city council member Adam Hussain said. “They all came up through the Lansing school district, with two of them graduating from Everett and two from Sexton. Each of them has worked incredibly hard to advance themselves professionally and personally, while at the same time remaining intensively focused on helping others from Lansing.”

Joe Janosik, a Lansing resident and a former high school athlete, said he understands what it means to be a part of a rivalry.

“I think it’s a great thing for both Everett and Sexton,”Janosik said “When I played football in high school, we would always care very much about our rivalry games. We always had that game circled on the schedule, and when you beat your rival you feel like the kings of the city. To see to rival high schools come together for a good cause is great to see.”.

Lyndsay Mohr, who attended the council meeting, said the alumni association will provide “a lot of good” for the city and its youth. Mohr also said raising money for new athletic equipment and more funding for the athletic programs as a whole will be great for the student athletes.

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