What to wear to graduation?

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Graduation season is upon us, and what to wear is probably the biggest thing roaming graduates’ minds. They’ve worked so hard to obtain their diploma, and on graduation day all eyes are them.

“Honestly the hardest thing for me has been finding what to wear,” said James Madison senior Tyra Paige. “I’ve been looking online, and everywhere I could think of and I’m just not having any luck.”

Paige admitted that she can be picky at times and her strict budget may contribute to her finding trouble with what to wear.

Reynard Hines is a stylist in the metro Detroit area. He specializes in making custom tailored suits and personal shopping for his clients.

Every year during this time he is busy with prom clients, but this year he’s had more graduation request than normal.

“I think that your graduation outfit should make a statement and show that you are prepared for the next stage of your life,” said Hines. “Of course, you wouldn’t dress like you’re going to Sunday school or in any casual clothing.”

Due to the expense of custom tailored pieces, Hines usually shops for his graduates at the mall.

“Coming right out of college, a custom suit really isn’t necessary,” said Hines. “My go-to stores for young men are Saks, Express, Armani Exchange, and Banana Republic.”

Hines suggested that in any of those stores young men could find contemporary clothing of great quality that they could keep past graduation.

According to an unofficial poll via Twitter from the Spartan Newsroom, the overwhelming majority of voters reported that they bought their graduation outfits online.

Tiffany Quinn is a sophomore fashion major. She creates contemporary, modern looks in her classes at MSU.

“I think girls should be classy and tasteful for graduation,” said Quinn. “I see too many short club dresses, and I just don’t think that’s appropriate.

Quinn attended the African American celebratory ceremony last Friday. She said she noticed a lot of different choices of attire.

“Black Grad is pretty much like the real thing, so I was surprised to see that people weren’t as dressed up,” said Quinn. “I feel like for graduation, classy should be the go to. White under those green gowns is always a good look.”

Quinn suggested that girls wear white dresses with heels or comfortable sandals. She also stated that a lot of the looks she’s done lately have been inspired by inventory online.

“For girls, I think online there’s more to choose from,” said Quinn. “I almost never see anything in store that I like.”

African American Celebratory


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