National School Walkout draws out Ingham County students

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Ingham County students joined thousands from across the country in a March 14 school walkout to commemorate the 17 victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School massacred in Florida and to lobby for school safety and gun control.

According to NBC, an organizer with the Women’s March said around 185,000 people and 3,100 schools planned to participate. The student-led walkouts took place from 10-10:17 a.m. on the one-month anniversary of the shooting. NBC News posted an interactive map of protest locations across the country.

East Lansing High School senior Anaiis Rios-Kasoga said, “The goal today is to really like, let them (the students) know how much power and how much of a voice they do have, and they should have, in politics that are affecting them every day.”

ELHS senior Emma McIlhagga said, “Apparently, it’s absolutely disrespectful to make someone wait a little while longer to get their gun, but a blatant lack of gun control legislation isn’t disrespectful to the hundreds of lives lost in school shootings.”

At nearby MacDonald Middle School, student Charon Cay said, “I’m walking today because I want to learn in peace and not have to go to school with a threat that I might not see my mom again.”

Parents joined their children in support. East Lansing High School parent Nicole Greenway said, “It’s scary. You know, there are days where I just hope I see my kid at the end of the day. I hope nothing happens to them, and up until Sandy Hook I never thought about it … emphasis on school security, but also just the emphasis on guns in our society is troubling.”

“We are making history today,” said high school senior Berkley Sorrels.

East Lansing High School students raised $419 for Marjory Stoneman Douglas by selling T-shirts stating, “Honor Gun Victims with Action #enoughisenough” to commemorate the victims. In Okemos, students wore black as a symbol of solidarity.

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