Bath farmers market brings community together

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The Bath Farmers Market gives local vendors and farmers the opportunity to come together to promote healthy lifestyles, encourage entrepreneurship. All while supporting the local economy, according to the farmers market mission statement. 

Every week, no matter the weather or the season, the farmers market is open for the community to buy from vendors, increase the access to healthy food options, and a gathering place to build a stronger sense of community.

Shoppers can find a wide variety of food options from produce from local farms, baked goods, and ready-to-go dinners.

Stevie Gonzales of Alicia’s Authentic Mexican Deli and Catering has been a part of the farmers market for the past six years. He has formed a strong connection with the customers and said he believes the farmers market is more than a place to sell food.

“We got a lot of regular customers. They depend on us to come out every week so they can pick up their dinner,” Gonzales said. “Community is really big here, coming to the farmers market is a good way to get to know and connect with the people. It’s what keeps me coming back.”  

Thomas Smith, is another vendor at the farmers market. Smith along with his son started Jar Head Salsa. The farmers market has allowed them to grow their business and introduce the product to the Bath community and beyond.

Thomas Smith of Jar Head Salsa. He started the business with his son. Photo by Brandon Mostyn

“What is great about the farmers market is how personal it is,” Smith said. “It allows the customers to not only taste the salsa, but to meet me as well. Something they cant get if they go to the stores. Because of the sense of community the farmers market provide, I am able to create special relationship with each customer making it that more special every week.”

Along with food vendors, there is live entertainment. Every week, residents can bring their instruments, sit down, and start playing music. It is open to anyone, and you can come and go as you please.

“It adds to the family friendly atmosphere. If people don’t want to shop, they come to the farmers market to listen to the music and enjoy the company of others,” Smith said.

The farmers market is an opportunity for the residents to also learn about events happening within their community.

Judy Gardi is the president of Friends of Park Lake, a non-profit community organization to provide advocacy for the lake. Gardi sees the farmers market as an important tool in educating the community about the lake and the environment. 

Gardi goes every week to the farmers market to inform residents of events in the community and keep people up to date with what her organization is doing.

“The farmers market allows me to get in touch and reach out to people who want to become involved with our organization,” Gardi said. “The lake is a big part of our community. Many events are held at the parks surrounding the lake, and we want residents to be involved in keeping a clean, safe, healthy environment for generations to come.”

The winter market, runs from the first Thursday in November through the last Thursday in April, and is held at the Bath Community Center. During the summer, the market is held at James Couzens Memorial Park, the market is open from first Thursday in May through the last Thursday in October. The market is open from 3-7 p.m.

The Bath Farmers Market has a ride variety of vendors from local farmers to community organizations. Photo by Brandon Mostyn

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