Students hold protest at trustee meeting

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On a morning where members of the MSU community they thought they would be a part of a conversation, they ended up in a crowd outside. 

“There are tons of students probably 40 or 50 who are downstairs who aren’t even allowed in this room,” said MSU College Democrats president Dan Martel. 

Inside the Hannah Administration building, the Board of Trustees were making decisions that didn’t sit well with many. 

“Our university just keeps dragging themselves deeper and deeper into a hole,” Martel said.

“I’m only here to help the university community address this crisis and lay a positive foundation for a permanent new president,” said interim president John Engler. 

The board voted to elect former governor John Engler as interim president. 

“They claim this is a non-political move, yet here we have a former governor being appointed to the board,” said MSU Senior Connor Berdy.

Retired MSU computer science professor George Stockman says the board acted too quickly. 

“I wish the board had taken a little bit longer maybe another week to get more input before making that choice because obviously, some people think that it’s very political,” Stockman said. 

Martel doesn’t believe Gov. Engler is capable of revitalizing the university.

 “As students and as faculty, we’re in a time where we need someone to lead the healing process and I don’t think Gov. Engler can do that I don’t think any politician can do that,” he said.

Students who felt ignored made sure their voices were heard even if that meant sitting in the middle of the conference table. Berdy did not hesitate when climbing on the table while the trustees were conversing.

“There are dozens of students outside and on this campus that wanted the opportunity to speak so you know I just felt it was appropriate,” Berdy said. 

Berdy said it was right for Lou Anna K. Simon to resign and thinks the board of trustees should too.

As Engler exited in the conference room students aggressively chanted the word shame.

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