Q&A: Caroline Harding talks about family legacy as Spartan golfers

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Caroline Harding is the oldest of three golfing sisters who all have Spartan ties. Caroline and middle sister Priscilla already are members of the Michigan State women’s golf team; they’re expected to be joined by youngest sister Elizabeth next year. Spartan Newsroom sat down with Caroline to talk about what it’s like to play with her family’s legacy.

Spartan Newsroom: What does it mean to you to play at the same school as your dad?

Caroline Harding: To play at the same school my dad did is pretty neat. I grew up around Michigan State because of my dad and I could not imagine attending anywhere else. Playing golf is just a bonus.

SN: What is the best thing about having your sister as a teammate?

CH: The best thing about having my sister as a teammate is probably that I always have someone that comes from where I did. All teammates come from different places all around, so to have someone the same is comforting.

SN: I see that your younger sister will be joining the team in the future. So what will it mean to have yet another sibling on the team?

CH: I am looking very forward to having my youngest sister, Elizabeth, on the team. We all were on the same team for only one year of high school, but we always practiced together year round. It will be nice to get back to having all three of us together excelling at such a high level.

SN: What is the legacy you hope to leave?

CH: I hope to leave a legacy of role models for the young women golfers coming behind us. I strive to always lead by example and I want the Harding name to always be respected.

SN: Are there ever moments of competition between you and your siblings when it comes to playing on the course?

CH: There are moments of competition between my sisters and me, but it is never negative like wanting the other to do poorly. We always want to win by playing our best. It’s healthy competition.

SN: I golfed in high school. How much different is it?

CH: The main difference between high school and college golf would be the format of the competition. You still take five or six players to tournaments, but the tournaments carry over two to three days as opposed to just one in high school. Also, most college tournaments are out of state, unlike high school.

SN: How similar is your golf game to your sisters?

CH: I haven’t really compared my golf game to my sister’s before. Our swings are not very similar to one thing. We are both primarily taught by our dad, so there is some crossover of strategies and technique.

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