Harris Nature Center offers fun with no age limit

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The “Beaver Lodge”, Photo by Alexander Euliano

Turtle Exhibit, Photo by Alexander Euliano








Harris Nature Center, offers visitors the opportunity to discover wildlife and education in ways that are distinctive to the community. From walking the trails to climbing human sized spider webs, guests of all ages can have experiences that are limitless to one’s own backyard.

Kit Rich, senior park naturalist and coordinator, has played a critical role ever since the establishment of the nature center 20 years ago. Wanting to continue her love of nature beyond a college degree, she has used her time at Harris Nature Center to bring educational and environmental lessons to visitors young and old.

Rich said: “Overall, I think the main goal as a naturalist is to help people connect with nature. We have all of these live animal exhibits that help us assist the general public get out into nature and hopefully have good experiences that will enhance their lives.”

Rich added that she is honored to have been a part of Harris Nature Center’s initiation and could not have done it without the help of many great staff members and community volunteers.

Kati Adams, senior park naturalist, is yet another vital character in the development of the center’s programs. Despite only having two full-time staff members, Adams and Rich are both more than willing to take on the adverse toil that is needed to progress their community in a positive and rewarding way.

“There is certainly more than 80 hours a week to be done around here, but there is a lot that goes into being as successful as we have become.”, Adams said

Harris Nature Center offers events for the community such as an eight week summer camp. This summer camp runs mid-June through mid-August and is available to school groups as well as parents and toddlers. 

Adams said: “We have learned over the years that having a large variety of options is important, especially for the parents. We vary the topics from turtles to specific animal camps. We give children the chance to do things like dissect owl pellets and really learn about their environment.”

Harris Nature Center is located on 3998 Van Atta road and is open Tuesday through Saturday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and Sunday from noon to 4 p.m.

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