Groovy Donuts becomes popular gathering spot

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In 2015, Andrew Gauthier and Monica Lucas tossed around the idea of opening a coffee shop.  Then Lucas asked, “How are you going to be different.”

That’s when Gauthier thought of donuts, and Groovy Donuts was born.

Gauthier and Lucas both got their degrees at Michigan State University.  Gauthier graduated in business, while Lucas got a management degree for fisheries and managed a few fish labs on campus.  Then the idea of a coffee and donut shop came to fruition.

Monica Lucas smiles in the comfort of her store.  Photo By: Jared Carter

So, they practiced making donuts at home, while also keeping their day jobs.

Lucas said, “I thought I would just help him on the weekends, and the closer it got to open, I just decided to go all for it.”

She calls Williamston a perfect place.

“The donut shop is where you gossip, and you just have fun.  The little kids are so excited when they come, and even the parents are so excited.”

Lucas said she believes Groovy Donuts is successful because it uses quality ingredients.

“That’s one thing, but the other thing I think is because we want to make it an experience.  You want to come in and be engrossed in like 60s and 70s, that atmosphere.  You got rock ’n’ roll playing on the TV, the old-school videos and the posters. My staff and I work a lot on making it a personal experience for you.”

70s music plays on the TV in the shop. Photo By: Jared Carter

Elizabeth Williams is a daytime worker who also owns the Elizabeth Williams School of Dance in Williamston.  She said the décor is perfect, and how the shop is small and easy to get around, and perfect for her to do every day.

“Everything is fresh,” Williams said. “It’s very comfortable, casual atmosphere.  So, it’s hard to be in a bad mood eating donuts.”

“The reason why people should come here is the price is terrific, and also the atmosphere and you get quality donuts and you get quality food,” Williams said. “Everything is top notch, and they can take care of whatever you need.”

Evan Rugh is a junior at Williamston High School, who also works at Groovy Donuts.

Rugh said, “That people like the vibe of the place, I mean the donuts are good too, but I feel like the theme, the 70s theme is kind of a bit of nostalgia for older folk.”

Expect Groovy Donuts to be packed tomorrow for Fat Tuesday as it is the busiest time of year for donut shops.

“If you pre-order a dozen donuts, you get a free paczki with that order for Fat Tuesday,” Lucas said. “It’s going to be awesome, it’s going to be a madhouse.”

Groovy Donuts opened up a new location back in September at 3054 E Lake Lansing Road, East Lansing, Michigan.

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