‘Black Panther’ breaks box office records, cultural barriers

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The Black Panther movie premiere at NCG Cinema in Lansing brought out people of all ages throughout the city.

Many African American people who felt this movie was more than a movie it is a movement.

As African American people throughout the country have continued to dress up in African garments attending movie theaters worldwide.

The movie which features an African American director and an almost all African American cast had a 200-million-dollar budget and has made four times that amount globally in the box office in its first week.

Taylor Matlock, attended the movie with her parents and expressed the film’s importance.

“This movie is celebrating excellence and I think it’s going to be a really great movie and I think it’s going to show more of what we can do.”

Tyler Logan, MSU student who attended the movie expressed what it means to him and black culture.

“The first black super hero that we have had on this massive scale. They have so many things that they are selling over here with Black Panther products on it. There are so many other messages within the movie,” said Tyler. “Now you have little black kids saying I can be Black Panther and I think that’s powerful within itself.”

The film shows that African Americans can direct, tell their own stories, and exceed box office expectations. As we do not normally lead our own stories or play superheroes. The film is very empowering and has changed the narrative.

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