Injury forces time out for college player

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Monroe playing basketball in high school. Photo by: Monroe’s Mother.

Sasha Monroe has been an athlete for 17 years and has endured 10 injuries. Injuries among athletes are common, but sometimes an injury can be so severe it can take an athlete out of the game.

“I’ve had two ankles sprains, two fractures, a wrist injury on my left hand, severe nerve damage on my right wrist/hand, left knee sprain, left shoulder labrum repair, ACL reconstruction right knee, and ACL reconstruction/osteotomy,” Monroe said.

Monroe, a senior at Western Michigan University, has played off and on intramural basketball due to her injuries. She is still recovering from her ACL surgery from her freshman year of college and a shoulder injury due to a recent car accident.

“I was walking down the promenade and my leg locked for awhile and then it gave out,” she said. “All I could think was one thing: my ACL.”

Monroe said she’s noticed that she’s become more protective of her knee since her injuries.

“I was afraid to jump when I shot and trained myself to shoot on the ground from anywhere on the court,” she said.

Monroe’s best friend, Taylor Scott, is her support system while away at school. The two have been friends for four years.

“With her first injury I kept an extra pair of crutches at my dorm, but we live together now, so with her shoulder injury I can do the things she can’t around the house and drive her until she is cleared to drive,” Scott said.

To overcome her fear of injuring herself again, Monroe began to take preventative measures like using protective gear, eating healthier and doing physical therapy.

“My biggest help is physical therapy. After attending regularly I began to get the feel of it and it loosen up,” Monroe said. “It took time and patience because not only was it hard physically, but mentally. I’d ask myself is it really worth it, with the high chance of getting re-injured. My answer always is yes. The love I have for the game is unexplainable.”

Monroe practicing her shooting techniques after her second ACL injury. Photo by: Taylor Scott

Scott added that juggling school, medication, physical therapy and regular doctor visits is not easy for Monroe.

“I think the stress and frustration from being injured and limited definitely shows sometimes to friends and family, but Sasha has a good heart and is always grateful,” Scott said. “Having these qualities through all of this is why I believe the the sky’s the limit for her,” she said.

Monroe said for now she is focused on being the healthiest she can in all aspects of life. 

Monroe is majoring in chemistry with a minor in criminal justice and expects to graduate in either fall 2018 or spring 2019.

“Right now the plan is to stay focused on getting my degree, working on my health and get back to a level where I can compete at 100 percent, healthwise,” Monroe said. “I have to keep praying and having faith that one day my dream will come true.”


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