Rob Hearit serves Mason with great food and live music

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Madison Loney

Rob Hearit serves one of his customers.

Rob Hearit, owner of Darb’s Tavern & Eatery, has been in business for 37 years at his family owned restaurant, and every Saturday night serves his customers live music as well as food.

“I started by making pizzas in the kitchen when I was 19, which was back in 1980,” said Hearit. “That’s how I started and 6 months after that I became manager. I managed here for 28 years and then I bought it nine years ago.”

The restaurant offers a variety of cuisines. Options include: burgers, pizzas, strombolis, steaks, and an array of Mexican food. Hearit said the restaurant has a pub style menu and offers a big variety. It also has a full bar with eight beers on tap and nightly drink specials.

Rob’s wife, Leanne, is also an owner.

“We have a lot of homemade, comfort food specials that my wife makes,” said Hearit. “She makes all the desserts homemade, and the daily specials are homemade, too, so we have a lot of really good food.”

Waitress Nicole Orrin said,“I like working at Darb’s because it’s a laid-back environment and it’s small, so you get to see familiar faces,” said Orrin.

Christine Harrison, a Mason resident, says Darb’s is a favorite for her family.

“Darb’s is the one place both me and my family love going to whenever my sister and I are both in our hometown,” said Harrison. “It’s a place we go to unwind: we catch up over an ice-cold beer, have tasty food, and watch the sports games that are being aired on TV. We have never had a bad experience there, and will continue going back as long as we can.”

“We have a different live group each Saturday,” said Hearit. “Usually, each group plays once a month and it kind of rotates through.”

For information about specials and to see what groups will be playing, check out Darb’s website. Hours are1 a.m. to 11 p.m. Monday-Thursday; 9 a.m. to 2 a.m. Friday-Saturday, and  9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Sunday.

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