Old Town looking for new board member

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Tony Black

There is an open seat in Old Town’s board committee and board members are actively looking for potential candidates. They are also accepting applications from those interested in the position.

The board has been around since 1996 and oversees what the Old Town Commercial Association does, said Jamie Schriner, the board president.

“We’re responsible for the money and making sure that everything is being handled the way it should be and for raising money for the organization,” Schriner said.

The board decides anything from finances to hiring the executive director, said vice president Rick Preuss, owner of Preuss Pets.

He said part of their job is to make sure they keep in mind the fact it takes money to run this organization.

Preuss said people on the board can serve two terms, each three years, for a total of six years.

An opening on the board became available when a previous member had duties needed elsewhere, he said.

“Some people come in and they don’t have a 3-year term because they’re filling in the rest of somebody else’s term,” he said.


The board is looking for someone who is committed more than anything, Schriner said.


Besides commitment, they are looking for someone who may have some experience in finance, she said.

“Second of all, potentially someone with more legal expertise. Someone who, maybe, has PR and marketing expertise that we don’t have,” Schriner said.


Preuss said they want someone who is willing to give their all to the organization.

“Whatever their assets that they have, I ask them to look inside themselves and say, ‘Would I be willing to share these assets, these capactibilites, these potentials with a community that really is striving to be something special?’,” Preuss said.

Ariana Gibbs, board secretary, said it’s the board that makes the face of Old Town.

“We represent Old Town at all times,” she said.

The position has been vacant for a couple of months and is open to anyone.

“Our job is to at least encourage people that we feel could help round things out, if you will, or strengthen certain weaknesses and get them want to run,” he said.

Why be on the board?

“It’s a great way to give back to the community,” Schriner said. “It’s a great way to grow leadership skills.”


Gibbs said she does it because she wants to keep Old Town new.

“I’m on the board because it’s important to have a vibrant city,” she said.

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