Man’s best friend has a new place to play

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Broderick Bennett

The Dewitt Dog Park by Padgett Park

The DeWitt Dog Park is a new attraction for dog owners in the DeWitt Township area who are looking to remove the leash and let the dog run freely.  The dog park is a new gated park that is located at 3577 West Herbison Road, directly next to Padgett Park.   

“The project took about 12 months to put together, with the construction taking place this previous summer,” said DeWitt City administrator Daniel Coss.  “The fences were installed in May of 2017 and we started planning it in May of 2016.  It was a group effort by the city and the township.”

Coss said the City of DeWitt and DeWitt Township worked together to select a location.

“This was a centrally located spot,” said Coss.  “The property that it sits on is partly owned by both Dewitt and Dewitt Township.  There was already a good section of the land fenced off and there were two acres that were not being used.  Also, a dog park had been ranked high in one of our citizen surveys for both the city and the township.”

The funding for the DeWitt Dog Park was partially from a GoFundMe created by a nonprofit group as well as help from the City of DeWitt and DeWitt Township.  

“There is a nonprofit group called Friends of the DeWitt Dog Park, and they did a go fund me page and set up at a farmer’s market and other locations,” said Coss.  “They committed to one-third of the project, which the total cost of the project was $10,000 .  The other two-thirds were covered by the city and the township.”

Since its opening in May, the dog park has become a hot spot for dog owners and their dogs.

Dog owners like Kevin Hatline, have been making many visits to the new park and taking advantage of what it has to offer.

Broderick Bennett

The Dog Park Sign by the main gate

“I usually bring my dogs here four times a week,” said Hatline.  “It’s close to the house and it’s generally not too busy.  There is much more land than our backyard and the dogs are able to do some socialization with other dogs as well and get some exercise.  Sometimes you can even see 15 dogs here at a time.”

The dog park isn’t just a park for dogs to socialize and run around.  The city of DeWitt and DeWitt Township has held events there, such as educational events, fundraisers and adoptions.

“The nonprofit group has had a couple special events there and plan to have an educational meeting with service dogs as well as an event where dogs go through obstacles,” said Coss.

For more information about future events at the DeWitt Dog Park visit their Facebook page at


Broderick Bennett/Apple Maps

DeWitt Dog Park Location at 3577 W Herbison Road

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