Mason kids voted in November election

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Mason voters

Nicole Bush

Mason residence voting in the Nov. elections.

While Mason parents voted on a school funding issue schoolkids voted on a few issues of their own.

City Administrator Deborah Stuart announced during a city hall meeting following the Nov. election the kids poll was a success.

“It’s a good way to encourage the kids to get involved in the process. Their parents are coming in to vote—they can vote too,” said newly appointed City Clerk Sarah Jarvis.

I voted stickers

Nicole Bush

Kids who voted in the Nov. election got “I voted” stickers.

“They got an ‘I voted’ sticker and some candy for voting,” she said.

Jarvis cited City Administrator Stuart as the kids voting catalyst.

“Voting starts young and starts with a tradition with their family,” Stuart said.

Kids get restless and don’t want to wait in line so they want to make it fun for them, Stuart said. They give them candy and fidget spinners and let them vote.

It’s about kids “getting comfortable with that environment,” Stuart said.

“They took it very seriously,” she said, “I love seeing the parents kind of talk them through the ballots, too.”

Some kids even came back with their parent who hadn’t voted yet. They wanted to be part of their other parents voting, said Stuart

Over 90 votes were cast, Stuart said.

The kids voted in three categories: favorite superhero, favorite movie and favorite animal.

On Nov. 14 the results were posted to the City of Mason’s Facebook page.

Mason Mayor Russ Whipple after a city hall meeting after the Nov. elections.

Mason Mayor Russ Whipple

Nicole Bush

Mason Mayor Russ Whipple post city hall meeting after the Nov. elections.

The winners were: Batman for favorite superhero, Emoji for favorite movie and dog for favorite pet.

Mayor Russ Whipple said, “I think it’s great because a lot of people have to bring their kids when they vote and for kids it can be a pain in the butt to do—especially if there’s a line.”

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