City Council: new logo to be placed on refurbished water tower in spring 2018

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The Grand Ledge City Council unanimously voted on Oct. 23 to paint a new logo on the water tower at 318 E. Saginaw Highway when it’s refurbished.

The water tower was the only new business at the council meeting.

During public comment, Joseph Dickson, executive director of Over the Ledge Theatre Co., spoke to recap the company’s sixth season and thank its donors for their support.

“We’re finishing up actually our sixth summer season at the playhouse,” Dickson said. “The 2017 summer season, we did five total productions this summer.”

There were 27 public performances throughout the summer and more than 2,000 people attended, Dickson said.

“We couldn’t do that without the support of you all here and the fantastic support of the City of Grand Ledge, as well as our other partners, Eaton County Parks, Grand Ledge Historical Society,” Dickson said. “Everybody’s been absolutely fantastic in supporting us.”

Refurbishing and painting the water tower will cost an estimated $275,000 plus engineering fees, which has been adopted into the 2018 fiscal year budget, City Administrator Adam Smith said.

The logo will include the tagline “Naturally Grand” which is used only in select circumstances.

In fact, the only other place that has the tagline is a wall in City Hall, in the same room that the city council meets in, Smith said.

“The only other unique placement of ‘Naturally Grand’ in any of our current material is right behind you,” Smith said. “That’s how selective the city’s been over the last four years in utilizing that.”

Mayor Kalmin Smith advocated for including “Naturally Grand,” and other city council members concurred.

When the tower is refurbished in spring 2018, it will be white with blue writing and the yellows that make up the ledges, which confirms with the style guide, the administrator said.

“According to the style guide, adopted by city council for the city logo, in order to utilize the colored logo–and this is prior to my tenure so I’m going from what I’ve been advised and read–the colored logo has to appear on white background,” the administrator said.

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