Williamston Farmers’ Market continues into mid-October

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WILLIAMSTON- The Williamston Farmers’ Market continues into the fall season as vendors and customers travel as far as Ann Arbor and Grand Rapids to find their source for locally baked, farmed and crafted goods right in the parking lot of the newly renovated McCormick Park.

The market takes place every Sunday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. beginning in mid-May to mid-October.

McCormick Park Location.

One frequent artist at the Farmers’ Market is market board member Christina Miteff. Miteff travels the state for her handmade jewelry and art brand: Creations With Color.  

Miteff said that a lot of customers come to the market for cheese.

The Cheese People of Grand Rapids provide the market with the cheese that has brought many customers from surrounding cities.

“People flock for the cheese,” Miteff said. “The market manager and I were just talking about how the Cheese People will come and do cheese drops that are extremely popular. In the middle of the winter people will come and there’s a line leading up to the cheese van. They have a very dedicated following and people will come in rain or the dead of heat- people just want their cheese.”

Miteff said that Williamston is definitely a bedroom community.

“People come to the market to network and meet their extended neighbors,” Miteff said. “I do my best to be here every Sunday to support the market, represent the market, sell my items and represent other artists as well as myself as an artist.”

Miteff also said that many people come to the market that are not from Williamston.

“We get people from Ann Arbor on a weekly basis,” Miteff said. “We get people who follow vendors, so a vendor might go to the Meridian market and be a regular at the meridian market, but because their customer sees them at the meridian market they’ll follow them to our market and that’s a pretty routine thing.”

Christina Miteff’s handmade jewelry and art brand Creations With Color has a large booth set up for the market every Sunday.

Market director Marlene Epley said that the most popular items at the market vary by week depending on weather and harvest.

Within the month of September, Epley reported that seasonal crops such as pumpkins, watermelon and apples have been very popular.

In addition to the seasonal favorites, the market offers a range of products that also bring interested customers to Williamston.

“The fish from Leelanau has been very popular lately,” Epley said. “We also have a very popular beef vendor from Webberville that people love.”

Lansing resident Katlin Niedzielski said that she has traveled to Williamston after hearing about the market.

“My uncle lives in Williamston and I love going to the Farmers’ Market,” Niedzielski said. “I bought vegetables there not too long ago and it was great!”

Niedzielski said that every Sunday people make their way to McCormick Park.

“I have seen a lot of people today heading down that way,” Niedzielski said. “It’s a big thing here in Williamston.”

Niedzielski said that she plans to go back again soon for more produce and goods.

Miteff says due to this popularity it takes a few hours to set up the entire market; beginning around 7 a.m. and starting promptly at 10 a.m.


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