New moped rules hit MSU’s campus

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With a 5,200-acre campus, many Michigan State students look to mopeds for a convenient way to get to and from class.

“The reason I did get a moped was because my classes were in like Comm Arts or Akers, pretty much every single one,” said Josie Foguth, a senior at MSU.

However moped users are facing some changes this school year.

“I did have to buy a pass, it was fifty dollars,” Foguth said.

Students are still allowed to park their mopeds at the bike racks, however, must pay for a fifty dollar permit to do so.

Even more changes are set to come with the 2018-2019 school year.

“We will have moped parking lots in place to where the mopeds can park and they will no longer be allowed to park at the bike rack,” added MSU Police Captain, Doug Monette.

Sam Bielecki, a student at MSU, finds the designated parking lots as an inconvenience for moped riders.

“I think the whole point of having a moped is for the convenience and the availability that it is on campus and with the new laws, it kinda makes it harder for you to park or even use a moped,” he said.

Captain Monette also reminds moped users to get off their moped and walk it to the bike rack, rather than driving it on the sidewalk.

“Pedestrians need a place to be able to walk safely in the different locations on campus. The mopeds, which is a motor vehicle just like a car or motorcycle, if that’s driving on the sidewalk that causes problems for people actually walking on the sidewalk, which is what they’re designed for,” said Monette.

The recommendations for the new moped rules come from the University Traffic and Transportation committee on campus.

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