The cost of knowing: is it too much to get tested for STDs?

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Cameron gave permission to post this document.

Many people are not a big fan of tests, especially tests that deal with letting you know if you have a sexually transmitted disease or not. Although it is imperative to your status, it can be pricey.

At The Macomb County Medical Clinic in Metro Detroit prices can be around $150, per test. The the cost also depends on how many you getting, as well medical insurance provider.

Cameron James recently got his second STD test for the year, which costed the 23-year-old $500 to get tested for all STDs. Without having insurance he had to pay out of pocket.

Cameron gave permission to post this document.

When asked on if the price it cost to get tested at Washtenaw Urgent Care. He responded with yes. “It cost way too much to get tested regularly. I know it is important to know your status, so I am just gonna go once a year,” says James.

The price of getting tested is not cheap. University of Michigan student Vincent Young explains that fewer younger people, especially those of lower income and without insurance, get tested with cost being an issue. “There are some people who really do want to know their status, but can’t afford with lack of insurance as well funds,” says young.

Luckily, there is an alternative for getting tested: people can go to free clinics for little to no cost. The only issue is that health care laws are putting these free clinics at risk. Hopefully, people with lower income could still get tested to know their status.

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