Can you eat on $1,000 per year? Yes, says efficiency expert

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Finding ways to save money can be difficult. Everyday people have to make decisions about where and how to spend their hard-earned dough.

Back in 2014, Michael Kirk decided not only to help people save money, but time as well. After using engineering concepts, he was able to eat for $1,000 a year and decided to share with people what he had learned.


He developed a company called Efficiency is Everything (EIE). Through this, he utilizes his master’s degree in engineering to give people tools and data that will allow them to become more efficient in their spending.

Since its conception, the company has increased remarkably in population. With over 1 million visitors and a few thousand dollars in books sales, Kirk notes that growth is key.


“As a new entrepreneur, I didn’t realize how important marketing is,” says Kirk. “It was a tough lesson that I learned a few years late.”

When looking to cut costs with food, Kandice Moorhouse turned to the EIE grocery list and cookbook. “I’m going back to school in the Fall and am planning on following that a lot so that I can have more home-cooked meals, cook less often and still have some extra cash in my pocket at the end of the day,” said Moorhouse.

After seeing the results Kirk shared about him and his wife, Moorhouse says it’s reassuring knowing that it actually worked for them.

Kirk has developed a strategy for people to eat for $21 a week with a list of food that includes the calories per dollar, protein per dollar, calories per protein and the cost if you ate that all year.

An example of some of the research Kirk has done. Credit:

“I just recently learned about Efficiency is Everything and am happy I did because I really think it can save me a lot of time that I’d be spending on figuring out where I can cut costs,” says Sam Bielecki, a college student looking to save money.

Kirk’s website is filled with helpful research from paper products per dollar to alcohol per dollar, and so much more.

“The biggest thing that separates me from other websites is that I use engineering. I conduct time studies and use data driven methods to optimize spending money,” said Kirk.

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