Q&A: Full-time student, part-time makeup artist

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Photo By TJ Morris

Journalism major and makeup artist Devinnia Moore.

While being a student, individuals find all sorts of odd jobs to earn money. For Michigan State University journalism major Devinnia Moore, her way to earn money was to “Beat Faces” as she calls it. In the regular world, “Beat Faces” may sound violent but in the makeup world, this is a good thing. I sat down with Devinnia and talked about her business D.Mua.

Photo By TJ Morris

Journalism major and makeup artist Devinnia Moore.

Q: What would you say is the main reason you started D.Mua?

Devinnia: When I was younger my dad always said, everybody needs a hustle. Then I grew up watching my mom work a full-time job and do hair on the side for kids ages 2-14. My dad worked at a plant then did plumbing on the side. So, the only things I’m good at is talking and makeup. I also work part time at Sephora where I’m learning a lot of my craft.

Q: How much do you spend on products and supplies?
Devinnia: So for graduation, I only put in $30 after I put in a big investment but I made about $200 in a week. Initially, my mother helped me, I’m lucky for that but around $150.

Q: What are your prices?
Devinnia: Full face, the glam beat is $35 with lashes if you want glitter it’s $40. Natural beat is $25. If you want a class it’s $25/hour.

Q: About how many clients do you have in a day/week?
Devinnia: A week like for graduation I could have like 5 in a day. Then a week when it is cold and no one’s doing anything I might only have 3 in a week.

Q: How long does the process of doing someone’s makeup take?
Devinnia: It depends if you want a full face, glam, lashes that could go up until an hour. If you just a natural beat, a natural face that’s about 30 minutes.

Q: Who are your clientele?
Devinnia: My main clientele is MSU students. Mostly in the black community but lately I’ve been picking up many different women of color and nationalities. Also, students who want to learn how to do makeup, I do classes as well.

Q: How does your business help out with bills and other college expenses?
Devinnia: PERFECT! Quick little story, it was March around spring break and my traveler agent scammed me out of some money. So I was short for that but I also was getting ready to go on a study abroad trip. Doing make-up helped with both of those. Then around graduation time, it helped me pay to get my passport expedited. Then doing makeup for graduation it helped me get all the extra things for my trip. So it’s like that extra boost when I don’t know if I’ll need money and also helps me pay off my credit card.

Q: How difficult is it to manage being a full-time student and also being a makeup artist?
Devinnia: The only difficulty is if you are doing a service you have to be available to your client. I hate that if some ask me to do their makeup at a certain time but I have class or work. It’s a conflict of interest to take off work to do my side business. So mainly the biggest thing is being available for your client. But what sets me a part is that I don’t mind getting up at 6 a.m. if you have graduation at 7.

Q: What are some of your goals for the business?
Devinnia: Increase my clientele for one. For two, my work space eventually maybe in a year I can have something a little more professional, maybe not home based. Also grow my kit, I would like foundations for every skin complexion instead of not having to go out and buy it every time I get a new client.

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