Construction around Metro Detroit hurts local businesses

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STERLING HEIGHTS, Mich. — In the Metro Detroit area construction is a very popular sighting. Well, actually in all of Michigan, construction is a popular sight. The road closures and the cluster of drivers effect commute times for Michiganders attempting to get to work on time every morning.

It affects the people on the weekends driving to and from their destinations along the construction area.

The Hall Road construction has been occurring for a few months now and is set to continue for another two years at $60 million. No that is not a free agent contract for an NHL superstar or a budding NBA player. That’s how much this long project is costing.

Not only does it affect the people along the construction area, it also affects the local businesses and restaurants along Hall Road. Hall Road is full of business, such as Lakeside Mall, and restaurants such as Red Robin and National Coney Island just to name a few.

These places and other places along what is often known as 20 Mile Road are normally booming with business, but with all the construction one can’t help but notice that their parking lots seem a little empty.

“I always used to go to Lakeside Mall since it had a good variety of stores, but now with the construction it takes longer to get in the area and seems easier to drive down the road to Partridge Creek,” said Shelby Township native Courtney Arft.

Partridge Creek is an outdoor mall just down the road at the end of the construction and has been what seems as a better option than Lakeside in recent months.

Red Robin is just one of many restaurants along Hall Road and has just been lacking the business that it usually had.

“I used to go there all the time, probably once or twice a month, but since the construction began I try to stay away from that area with all the lane closures,” said Shane McKenna, who lives in Sterling Heights but makes his way across Hall Road for work each morning.

The construction is hurting everyone in the area, not only the people but the businesses as well and that will only improve as the construction gets more organized.

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