Video of budget highlights as Mason contemplates tax hike

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The municipal performance of Mason includes financial and operating measures important to the government and its citizens. One of the major metrics of municipal performance in a city is its budget. These are some of the highlights and trends in the recent years of Mason’s budget.

“I would say Mason is really conservative with its budget,” said Michelle Piepsch, assistant finance director for Mason. “With most local government, there isn’t a whole lot of money to go around.”

The City Council is to consider in May whether to ask voters for two mills in taxes. The city’s current rate is 13.25 mills. Each mill brings the city an estimated $218,115. And each mill costs property owners $1 a year for every $1,000 in taxable value. Two mills cost the owner of a $150,000 home $150 per year in property taxes.

“When you vote yes on the millage that means your taxes will go up, but we need more revenue in order to maintain what the the city council is doing,” said Deborah Cwiertniewicz. “More voters need to be informed what they’re actually voting for. It would help the city a lot.”

The City Council has yet to decide on how long the millage would last.

“Mason residents have some of the lowest taxes in the area,” said Cwiertniewicz. “For example, Leslie pays more. The millage is not unrealistic and is, for the most part, necessary.”

Where Mason spends all of their money.

Where Mason spends all of their money.

3,500 incidents reported last year, — the city’s 12 officers have their work cut out for them.

The municipal performance and budget for 2016 will be released in May.

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