East Lansing trail system work to begin this summer

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East Lansing has been awarded $469,000 to extend the Northern Tier Trail through Albert A. White Memorial Park and infill gaps in other areas of the city’s trail system beginning this summer.

The money comes from the Ingham County Trails and Parks Millage and piggybacks on a previous installment of $1,088,500 from the millage received last fall. This money will be used to improve the Northern Tier Trail and repair and replace pedestrian bridges along the trail system this summer.

The chunks of money will be used for different tasks with different responsibilities, East Lansing Parks, Recreation and Arts Director Tim McCaffrey said.

The improvements will begin in summer or fall of 2018.

In addition to an extension of pavement, a new welcome sign would be installed as well as interpretive and trailhead signs.

McCaffrey said 70 percent of voters in November 2014 wanted these improvements.

“Community members are really happy,” he said. “They’re getting to see their existing trails worked on and the prospect of additional trail connections to expand trails and connect with other communities.”

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