Birth records now available to Ingham residents through clerk’s office

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Barb Byrum in her office

Devan Carmody

Barb Byrum: “I wanted to make it as convenient as possible for people to obtain their birth record.”

INGHAM COUNTY- County Clerk Barb Byrum has announced that birth records are now available through the county for county-born residents. Previously, birth certificates of people born before 1980 to single mothers had their records held by the state rather than the county. Byrum has made it so that anyone that needs their birth certificate, regardless of circumstances, is able to obtain their records through the county.

“We would have to send people to the state of Michigan, then they would pay more money, they would have to pay an expedite fee, they would have to wait in line. I wanted to make it as convenient as possible for people to obtain their birth record,” said Byrum.

The change is an option from the state of Michigan Registrar’s Office. Counties are able to choose if they would prefer to have partial access to the distribution of birth records where the county still has birth certificates on record but they can not print them from the county clerk’s office or they can choose to have full access and are able to print birth records directly from their office.

Lisa Brown ,Oakland County clerk, decided to keep Oakland County at partial access. She said, “I would be forced to charge customers two different prices depending upon when they were born and if their parents were married.”

Both Byrum and Brown’s main concern is doing what they think is best for the people of their county.

“I think this change has been good for the people of Ingham County because it helps them save time by not having to go to two separate offices in order to obtain their birth certificate,” said Ingham County Chief Deputy Clerk Jennifer Shuster.

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